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Introduction To PrimeCheck

Welcome to PrirmeCheck! PrimeCheck is software that prints checks, including the MICR line, using a laser printer and MICR toner. With PrimeCheck, there is no need to buy preprinted checks ever again. PrimeCheck prints three types of checks:

  • Accounting Checks — Checks which use data originating in accounting software. For example, you can print checks using Quickbooks, Peachtree or Traverse.
  • Blank Checks — Checks which can refill your checkbook. You'll never run out of checks again!
  • Pre-Authorized Drafts — Checks drawn from someone else's account. This is useful if someone faxes you a check.

Deluxe Business Checks & FormsGet all your supplies for printing checks at Deluxe Business Checks and Forms. Just click on the graphic to the left.

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