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Primedia Products produces a high quality product and distributes world-wide. We employ the industry leaders in the production of MICR toner and have produced an affordable check writing software program called PrimeCheck.

Quality Inspection Primedia Products, Inc. combines high quality standards and workmanship with the latest technology.

RightIn 1995, when Don Brackett established Primedia Products, his goal was to produce the highest quality MICR cartridges. In the spring of 2000, Don decided that in order to assure that the quality of their MICR cartridges was not compromised, it was necessary to manufacture their own MICR toner. We have now achieved the goal of producing the highest quality MICR cartridges.

So, at Primedia, our quality starts at the MICR toner level and continues throughout the remanufacturing process.

Our technicians have set the highest standards of workmanship and quality for themselves and will accept nothing less.

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