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Reasons To Use PrimeCheck

  • Security — With PrimeCheck you use blank check stock to print checks instead of preprinted checks. This reduces your risk of check fraud. Check fraud is a major problem in the U.S. Approximately $10 billion worth of check fraud was committed last year. If someone gets his hands on a preprinted check, they can take it right to the bank and cash it. On the other hand, blank check stock makes check fraud much more difficult.
  • Convenience — There is no need to order preprinted checks when you use PrimeCheck. This is particularly helpful if you have more than one bank account or if you change accounts often. One type of check stock is all you need to handle all your accounts.
  • Cost savings — Preprinted checks cost up to $0.25 per check. Checks printed using PrimeCheck cost approximately $0.05 per check. Your savings can add up quickly. There is no waste when you change bank accounts, which increases your savings. More than these though, is the savings you achieve by reducing your risk of becoming a check fraud victim. A single incident can cost you thousands of dollars.

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