MICR Toner

We Make It - We Use It - We Sell it - We Guarantee It

  • We offer a complete line of quality MICR toners formulated by the leading chemists and MICR manufacturing experts. We can offer the remanufacturer experienced technical support and specific engine formulated MICR toner in bottles or bulk.

At Primedia, our cartridges are not modified to fit existing MICR toners, the MICR toner is formulated to fit the cartridge. Each printer and its distinct cartridge utilize a specific toner for its application.

Our Research and Development team spends a considerable amount of time working to develop quality MICR products. Quality begins with the first manufacturing process of blending the raw materials. It is critical to get a homogenous blend of the magnetic material to ensure that the signal level is consistent throughout the life of the cartridge.

Quality MICR toners are formulated using resinous materials that fuse properly to the paper. This enables the toner to withstand the rigors of high-speed reader sorters. The toner is then reduced in size to a fine powder. The particle size is controlled to within one half of one micron. This guarantees a consistent amount of toner deposited in the MICR character. Small variations in toner deposition will affect the way characters are read by the sorter.

It's the formulation and blending of quality raw materials that create a consistent MICR product.